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Solutions for your business. Technology, operations, infrastructure, and communications. CreativeHydra leverages the cloud, implementing better tools for you and your employees that make everyone more efficient. Because your business should work for you, not the other way around.

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How We Make Your Business More Efficient


Does your business feel out of your control? Spreadsheets, email, lack of systems, confusing relationship with customer information, employees making up tools as they go, planning is more like hope and hope is not a strategy? Let us help.

The Best Cloud Partners

Accounting with Xero

Collaboration, Email, with Google’s gSuite

Communications with RingCentral UCaaS

Services Business ERP with Vonigo

Cloud Storage and Collaboration with Dropbox Business

Project Management with

Productivity with Microsoft Office365

Shopping Cart with Shopify

Hosting, Email Marketing, SEO, and more


Setup and Implementation

Cloud providers are terrific and building tools and supporting them. The thing is, they don’t implement them for you because they don’t know your business as you do. We learn your business, we choose the best tools, and we implement these tools into your workflow with limited impact to your business. Once implemented, we continusouly improve to have your company humming along efficiently. That’s more time for you to focus on what you do best.

Training and Ongoing Support
Have you ever purchased a solution for your business and only scraped the surface of what it does for you?

CreativeHydra trains you and your team to get the most out of these new solutions. From training to hands-on support, your business will get the most out of the cloud solutions we integrate.

Cloud Tools That Work for You

We’ve partnered with the best technology companies in the business to provide your business with a full stack of the best solution possible–services that are reliable, easy to use, and make your business more efficient. From communications to marketing, we not only help you get set up, but we also implement these tools into your business workflow. 

Telephone Like You've Never Used Before

RingCentral is Your New Phone Company. Worldwide capability, world-class support, and ultimate flexibility. For a one-person​ office or a 10,000 person call center, RingCentral is the very best in telephony that we can offer.

Cloud Storage: Supercharged

Cloud storage is often confusing. How do you secure your files, share to the correct people, and ensure your private files are safe in the cloud? With our partners at Box, Dropbox, and Google, we can find the best cloud storage for your business.

Centrally Run Your Services Business

Are you a Services-based business? Vonigo is a complete solution to run your business including scheduling, writing work orders, inventory control, point-of-sale system, and more. Not only does Vonigo make your business hum, but it also​ integrates to many other CreativeHydra services because automation is better than double-entry.

Featured Product: OptiListing Service

Directory listing services

Get Found.

Introducing our OptiListing Service

Do you find businesses by looking at a big yellow book? You don’t and neither do your prospective customers. They are searching Google, Apple Maps, Yelp, Facebook and other sites looking for your type of business.

How do Yelp, Google, Facebook, and others generate listings? Information about your business is provided arbitrarily by public submissions or a website’s editorial group with no control or input from you.

Take control of your own listings now! See how your business looks to the public. Get a free report now.

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  • Business Operations Assessment.
  • Business Operations Solutions.
  • Digital Marketing Solutions.
  • Cloud Implementation.
  • Systems Integration Training.
  • Web Development.
  • Web Hosting.

Client Specialty Types

  • Small to Medium Sized Business.
  • Service-Based Business.
  • Restaurant Business.
  • Retail Business.

Tools We Implement

  • Voice Communication Solutions.
  • Office Communication Solutions.
  • Google gSuite Solutions.
  • Microsoft Solutions.
  • RingCentral Communication Platform.
  • CRM Solutions.
  • Vonigo ERP Solutions.
  • Cloud Storage Solutions.
  • Box Cloud Storage.
  • Dropbox Business Cloud Storage.
  • WordPress Hosting Solutions.
  • Shopping Cart Solutions.

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